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"Before The Dogwoods Bloom in Georgia" is a music video that expresses the foundational character our country was founded upon. The cast members bring this story to the reality that our military families face...challenges strengthened through faith in God, love for one another and hope in standing together for the cost that freedom demands. Many of the cast members are from a military family. Their names are listed in the credits below.

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Before The Dogwoods Bloom

Before The Dogwoods Bloom

Music Video by New Song Outpost



a presentation of

In order of appearance
at the farm
William Wade: as Farm boy and ARMY Soldier

at the Recruiting Station
Beau Jones: as Recruiter & MARINE

at the Train Station
Jack Carner: Grandfather
Corene Carner: Grandmother
Will Ely:  MARINE
Richard Ely: Marine, Will’s father
Lolli Ely: Marine, Will’s mother
Beau Jones: MARINE
Laci Carner Jones: Beau’s wife
Chloe Jones: Beau’s small daughter
Cali Jones: Beau’s daughter
Luke Carner: MARINE
Cacey Carner: Luke’s wife
Cabella Carner: Luke’s baby daughter
Joe Carner: as Farmer & Soldier’s father
Susan Carner: as Farmer’s wife and Soldier’s mother
Charlie Jimmerson: Train Conductor
A & M Railroad Personnel: The Train personnel
Tourist: as tourist

at the farm family reunion
Adam Carner: MARINE
Madison Carner: Adam’s daughter
Logan Beard: Boy child at play
Kennedy Beard: Girl child at play

at the video/sound stage


Mary McGuire: Mandolin
Tim Hagan: Bass guitar
Will Ely: Rhythm Guitar


Dale Yates: Pedal steel & bass guitars
Roger Pelts: Rhythm guitar
Steven Savage: Lead Guitars
Joe McNeal: Percussion
Hayden Bramlett: Violin
Robert McGuire: Vocals & rhythm guitar
Louis Drapp: Mandolin & rhythm guitar

Sound recordings
DRAPP STUDIO: Recordings and mix

Sound production
at Band video/sound stage
Billy Chilcoat: The Ambassadors Sound 

Mike Harris Media, LLC
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Mike Harris: Executive Video Producer
Mike Harris: FCP Editor
Brett Harris: Color Correction
Brett Harris:Videographer
Robert Papisan:Videographer
Roger Murphy:Videographer
Chad Harris: Videographer
Mike Harris: Jib Camera
Roger Murphy: Lighting Technician
David Harris: Dolly Operator/Grip

behind the scenes Photography
Billy Chilcoat: Photographer
Robert Papisan: Photographer

Vehicle Cast & Owners
830 John Deere: owner - Billy Chilcoat
1952 RR Passenger cars: owner - A & M Railroad
1947 Ford Flat-bed: owner - Clyde Sare
Camouflaged Jeep: owner - J R Roop
Ford Ranger: owner - R N McGuire
Chevrolet S-10 Pickup: owner - Jack Carner
Chevrolet Silverado Pickup: owner - Billy Chilcoat
Cadillac Eldorado Birritz: owner - Billy Chilcoat

Filmed on location at:
In order of scene appearance
The W C & Edna Chilcoat Estate: Farm/home scenes
Mounds Senior Citizens Center: Recruiter Station
The Old FRISCO Station: Train Station scenes
Arkansas & Missouri Railroad: The Train and the Conductors
Mounds Senior Citizens Center Annex: TV viewing room
Mary E. McGuire Estate: soldier in war zone
USA SIPs, Inc. - Mfg Plant: used for Band Video/Sound stage

Appreciations for Special Considerations
Van Buren Arkansas Convention & Visitors Bureau  
Arkansas & Missouri Railroad & Personnel
USA SIPs, Inc., Clyde Sare, owner
Osage County, Oklahoma
Washington County, Oklahoma
City of Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Senior Citizens of Mounds, Oklahoma
Billy Chilcoat and the W.C. & Edna Chilcoat Estate
The Tourist in Van Buren, Arkansas on the day of filming.
The Cast members

The Director's Cut
and Brothers
Robert McGuire and
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