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More about Robert McGuire and Brothers Band

Robert McGuire (Band Director & Lead Vocalist)

​​Robert McGuire is the oldest of Reverend Cornelius and Mabel's McGuire five sons. The brothers began performing at early ages. Robert was ten years of age and his brother Dony was three when they first performed in Sapulpa, OK while Cornelius accompanied them with his guitar. Soon thereafter, the rehearsal sessions included the five brothers, their two older sisters and mom and dad. The family made numerous appearances together. After the daughters married and made homes of their own the five brothers toured the Midwest with their evangelistic father and mother until 1965.  Pastor and evangelist Reverend Cornelius McGuire has more than 50 published gospel songs, "He Will Provide" being the most recorded. Robert is co-composer of many of his father’s songs and continues to perform and record the same.

​Robert has performed in Japan, China, Canada and throughout the United States. Although many of his performances have been as a soloist he has appeared with the Ron Gardner family of California, the Singing Evangelist of Washington State and The Ambassadors of Oklahoma. His strong lead voice may be heard on several recorded albums. Robert serves as Band Director and Lead Vocalist, as well we the Composer of the "Love, Joy and Peace" CD recording.

Robert has made numerous television appearances. He is also a stage and musical performer, beginning in Sapulpa High School, in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, under the direction of V Don Law, his vocal group director and private voice coach. As the “Herald”, singing “The Prince is giving a Ball” he opened an eighteen stage performance run of Rogers and Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA in Washington State.

Robert made an appearance on television’s “Magnum P I” filmed in the Hawaiian Islands in 1987. He can be seen in the George Clooney movie, “AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY”, which was filmed in Oklahoma in 2012 during the same time period of the filming of the music video, “BEFORE THE DOGWOODS BLOOM IN GEORGIA.”

“Before The Dogwoods Bloom in Georgia” is one of over 80 songs written by Robert McGuire, including “Camp Meeting” (as recorded by The Ambassadors on their “Solid Gospel” album), “Joy In The Church” (a new release recorded by Gabriel Wilson on “The McGuire Side” album), and “I Know He’s Real” (as recorded by Dony McGuire, Gabriel Wilson and the Blackwood Singers).

Robert first played with “Outpost” in 1975 and “The New Song Band” in 2002. The groups merged into one in the beginning of 2004. In each group Robert sang lead vocals and played either bass or rhythm guitar. Directing either band his renditions are with a warm, rich baritone voice, graceful in country, blue grass, classical or contemporary gospel music.


David and Ron McGuire entered performances with “NEW SONG OUTPOST” in 2009. And now, each new audience will hear the latest new songs written by members of the band blended with aged favorites of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Robert continues to travel throughout the United States performing as lead vocalist with the music group now known as “Robert McGuire and Brothers”.

J. David "Jack" McGuire (Bass Guitar & Bass Vocalist)

J. David or Jack, as he was named at birth after his grandfather and fiddle instrumentalist Jack McGuire, was one of the original members of the McGuire Brothers Quartet.  He started out singing bass and playing bass on a full sized double bass viol that took up half of the room in any sedan in which it was carried.  As he has matured musically and physically, his voice has jumped 1 ½ octaves so that he is much more inclined to sing tenor than even baritone.


J. David went into the Marines in 1966 to serve as an Avionics Technician in the Air Wing.  After his four years as a Jarhead, he married and stayed in South Carolina for several years.  He worked with the United Methodist Inner City Ministries managing a Christian Coffee House for college aged and service personnel in Charleston, SC. There, he developed a performance, writing and composing style that would serve him well over the next twelve years as he toured resorts along the East Coast singing only his original music.

In 1983, J. David wrote and produced his album of Country and Country-Rock songs titled “Copy of the Original” with back-up music and voices of the “Iced T Band” of Savannah, GA.

J. David adds variety to the performances of the brothers. He plays bass and rhythm guitars. He sings in a range from tenor to bass with the group known as Robert McGuire and Brothers.

Ron McGuire (Percussionist & Baritone Vocalist)

Ron began with the original McGuire Brothers when the group first started singing at gospel music events and in meetings conducted by the Patriarch of the family, the Reverend Cornelius McGuire. His voice was high toned and added to the wide range of the brother’s harmonic arrangements. 

Ron developed other interests, excelling in his academics. He became a teacher of Intermediates and Senior High classes within the local church.

While Ron attended high school, he was active in church and school choirs as a tenor.  With his twin brother Dony McGuire and their friend, Jimmy Clark, Ron performed as the McGuire Brothers Trio.

Ron’s desire toward musical accomplishment has lead him to study accordion and piano keyboards. He has composed twelve songs and co-written another seven with his brothers, Robert and J. David McGuire.  Ron has a distinct commercial flair in the lyrics and music he composes.

Ron sings baritone and plays an assortment of percussion instruments with the group known as Robert McGuire and Brothers

RON , 2009 1.jpg
Hayden Bramlett

​Hayden Bramlett was born in Calico Rock, Arkansas and graduated Calico Rock High School in 1963.

Most every Arkansas family played music together as a favorite past-time. The Bramletts were no different. At age seven Hayden began to pick up the family instruments. Coached by family members he learned his way around the necks of rhythm guitars, mandolins, and the fiddles.


Married in 1965 he moved his new family to a suburban community in north Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1977. Through the years as his musical talents expanded, Hayden was noticed by numerous bands and vocal artist and invited to play and to record.

In 2008 Hayden appeared on stage, unrehearsed, and wowed the Outpost band with his versatile violin talents. He has been with Outpost and the New Song Band on many combined appearances. His Viola and Violin can be heard on the CD, "Love, Joy and Peace". On the band’s latest recordings Hayden is present playing fills and lead lines. On the video release, “BEFORE the DOGWOODS BLOOM in GEORGIA”, Hayden has layered three violin and viola tracks to make this song and video open with some of the richest string tones of recent music history.

And now, Hayden Bramlett lends his artistic strings to the vintage gospel music of “Robert McGuire and Brothers”.

John Buffington

John E. Buffington, Jr.  (John) was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1948. He currently resides in Owasso, Oklahoma with his bride of forty-six years. He and Glenda have two children and three grandchildren two of which are in Heaven. John has studied and twice graduated Oklahoma State University – Technical College, with a discipline in Offset Printing and has worked in Graphic Arts.

John is a self-taught pedal steel guitarist and also play Dobro.  He does, as time permits, teach private steel guitar lessons. John is a Charter/Founding Member of the Oklahoma Steel Guitar Association, serving as Vice President eleven years and President two years. He is a current active members of:  WSMSS, Texas Steel Guitar Association, Oklahoma Steel Guitar Association, Cowtown Society of Western Swing, Mineral Wells, Texas, and Arklahoma Steel Guitar Association.

John has a noteworthy playing career that includes forth-eight, yes, (48) years in bands or shows supporting numerous established artists in various musical disciplines such as: Johnnie Lee Wills, The Singing Ledbetters, Kenny Surratt, Stoney Edwards, Tony Booth, Don Gibson (Grand Ole Opry Star), Carl Belew (Grand Ole Opry Star), Tommy Overstreet,  Buck Trent (formerly with Porter Wagoner Show), Cal Smith (Ex- Ernest Tubb Texas Troubadour), Claude Gray (Grand Ole Opry Star), Darrell McCall (former Ray Price Cherokee Cowboys), Mona McCall, Curtis Potter (former Brazos Valley Boys Band), Hank Thompson, Helen Cornelius (formerly with Jim Ed Brown Show), Wanda Jackson, Tommy Cash (Brother of Johnny Cash), Johnny Counterfeit, Billy Parker (Ex- Ernest Tubb Texas Troubadour), Billy Walker (Grand Ole Opry Star), David Frizzell, Bobby Boatright (Western Swing Hall of Fame), Michael Twitty (son of Conway Twitty), Leroy Van Dyke (Grand Ole Opry Star), Kenny Starr (w/Loretta Lynn Show), Freddie Morrison Show (formerly with Fiddlin’ Frenchie Burke Show) , The Round Up Boys  (opening act for Asleep At The Wheel and The Texas Playboys ongoing annual Bob Wills Birthday Bash in March ), Albert E. Brumley,Jr (Son of Songwriter Albert E. Brumley, Sr.) Donnie Sumner  (Nephew of JD Sumner), Barbara Fairchild, Leona & Ron Williams, Steve Weatherford, Mike Upright, Wade Spencer, Kevin Spencer, The Weatherfords (Lily Fern Weatherfords final public appearance before entering retirement), and John has accompanied Various local hometown performers/singers.

In recognitions of his talent and dedication to his craft, John has been inducted into the following halls of fame:
2016 - WSMSS  Hall Of Fame  -  Western Swing Music Society of the Southwest.  
2017 -  TEXAS  Western Swing Hall of Fame
2018  -  Cowtown Society of Western Swing Living Hero’s, Mineral Wells, Texas.

John is currently working with: Active memberships in various organizations and bands. Hayden Bramlett and Osage Country, Larry Lange & The Lone Star Troubadours’ (based out of Wichita Falls, Texas) Jess French and “The CrossWorks”, Harold Blake Sound Studios Robert McGuire and Brothers.

Past Performers

In her early teen age years La Belle Vaughn heard the melodic tone of her instrument of choice, the VIBRA HARP, a marimba equipped with pipes and fan blades turning under the power of a small electric motor. The sound of the tone bars sustained at the command of a foot petal. The tones when sustained waving through the air, carried by the gentle winds of the turning fan blades hidden within the pipes. It was love at first sound.

La Belle started saving her money and bought her own vibra harp for $425 at the age of nineteen. It was in her home where she practiced and played it for a month. Anxious to worship playing the vibra harp she took the instrument to church. Having not studied music and therefore not being able to read music, she would ask the organist before each song, “What note does the song begin with?” She would then join the song, mallets in hand, mallets to metal, and the vibrant tones of melody and harmony flowed from the “vibra harp”.


Evangelistic Temple of North Main Street in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma was home  for the instrument and for La Belles’ unique worship talent. After the church congregation moved its’ location to South Tulsa La Belle chose to worship at the Sheridan Assembly of God where the style of the percussionist vibra harp blended well for many years into the evangelistic style of music. Throughout the  years, beginning in the 1960’s Robert McGuire and the McGuire Brothers had opportunity to play at worship services where La Belle was playing her instrument but it was in the year 2001 that La Belle and Robert begin playing together on a consistent schedule of events. In the year 2002 the two joined ranks with Joe and Pam McNeal and the NEW SONG BAND was born.

La Belle has had opportunity to play with some of the finest worship musicians of Oklahoma. Her expertise on the Vibra Harp adds a great dimension to gospel music and is an important ingredient to the older compositions and the latest of  New Song Outpost. He last performance before retirement was in June of 2015.


Steve Savage was born the son of a military man. The Savage family lived on a military base in Portsmouth, Virginia. He was introduced to the accordion at age seven and then to the mandolin before age ten. He grew up living on a base in Virginia Beach where he began to play guitar before the family moved to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where he attended and graduated from high school in 1973.  

As a teenager the guitar became the musical instrument of choice which Steve played at age fourteen and throughout high school when he performed with local Pittsburg bands. The love of music lured him into Claremore, Oklahoma to study at the Rogers State University where he received an education in business and studied music at the “Hank Thompson School of Country Music”. It was there he met other members of Outpost.

Musical jam sessions were plentiful. Steve soon began playing rhythm and lead guitars with a local church worship group and was instrumental in the re-opening of The Outpost, a former night club facility, where a variety of family musical entertainment was offered.

The year was 1974 and from that time, Steve has continued to be passionate in the playing of worship music in the local church. His years of musical performances include lead guitar presentations with several other bands. He continues, with the merger of New Song Outpost, to be a vital lead player both on stage and in the studio.

Steve has a collection of the finest guitars ever manufactured. He brings the right one to any occasion, song or performance playing rhythm and lead.

Steve and Donna, his wife, were married at The Outpost on Valentine’s Day, 1976. Their home is in Talala, Oklahoma, a few miles from Claremore, near their three children and eight grandchildren.

Steve is heard on the soundtrack of Before the Dogwoods Bloom in Georgia playing several guitars on layered tracks. He appears in the video with his lead guitar. You can hear Steve playing Lead Guitar on most of the "Love, Joy and Peace" recording.


Tim Hagan plays Bass Guitar and can be seen on the New Song Outpost music video. Scenes shown with Will and the New Song Outpost band were filmed on location in Bartlesville, OK.


Will Ely plays Rhythm Guitar and is also part of the cast for "Before The Dogwoods Bloom in Georgia". You will find Will not only in the credits of the music video but can also see he and his parents in scenes at the Train Station in Van Buren, AR.


Mary McGuire, a native Oklahoma lady, is a graduate of Oklahoma University and certified to teach special education.

Mary’s children, a daughter and a son, are graduates of Sapulpa High in School in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Mary served as a special education teacher in the Sapulpa Public Schools for the first twenty-five years of her teaching career. She taught five years in the Bartlesville Public Schools. Throughout her teaching career music and singing has been one of the classroom activities.Mary now teaches special education students in on line classes.

                                                                                                           Mary is educated in music and loves to sing, to lead children in song and to join in the worship singing when attending a worshiping church. She also taught a primary class in her home church and knows the joy music brings to the heart of a child.

Mary appears, playing mandolin, in the video “Before the Dogwoods Bloom in Georgia” with her husband Robert, who is fronting the band.

Their son Dustin has completed tours of duty in Iraq serving with the United States Air Force. Dustin currently serves in South Korea having been deployed from his home base in Montgomery, Alabama where he lives with his wife and four children.

Mary lives the story shown in the video and heard in the song. Matters not how proud we are of our children as they serve in our nation's military, it is never easy to have a son or daughter stationed in the way of harm on foreign soil.

Band Members Transferred to Heaven
Joe McNeal (Percussionist & Tenor Vocalist)

​​Joe’s years of musical studies and performances have led him down a variety of paths. 

Joe started as a child picking out melodies by ear on his mother’s organ and began playing coronet and trumpet in elementary school. Love for the drums came later.

Joe studied in the field of broadcasting and sound engineering at John Dark School of Broadcasting in Oklahoma City. During summers, when he wasn’t in college, Joe studied sound engineering at WKY Radio and TV in Oklahoma City, while playing and singing with various music groups. There he sharpened his musical skills in rock, country and gospel music. Working in radio, television and sound engineering Joe was able to learn the production and performance aspects of the music business.

​In addition to studying percussion, specifically drumming skills, beginning grade school through college, Joe also studied privately with a number of personal instructors.

Joe says, “It is important to learn how to accompany others and work as a team, without being a loud showboat. It takes a long time, committed to learning various styles and types of music, before a person may become an effective addition to a performance group. It takes a lot of dedication to work as a team,  being an instrument to minister to others in music.”

While in college Joe performed with five different student entertainment groups while carrying a full load of college courses. Playing trumpet in one group, drumming in two others, singing in another and running sound in yet another made for a very demanding schedule but helped to develop great skills and discipline in musical performance and production.

Joe has employed his education and skills in sound production by assisting many churches with buying, installing, maintaining and operating their sound systems, knowing that sound clarity  is an important part of any church service.

Joe and his wife Pam have performed with a number of gospel groups and worked together in music ministry with numerous Oklahoma churches. Together they are original members of the the New Song Band now known as New Song Outpost. Singing, playing, praying and sharing in
pulpit ministry, Joe is a valuable asset to the ministry of the band.

Joe is heard playing percussion and singing on the sound track and is seen singing and playing drums on the music video “Before The Dogwoods Bloom In Georgia”. Joe is the Tenor Vocalist and Percussionist on the recorded CD, "Love, Joy and Peace" by New Song Outpost.  Joe is appearing as tenor vocalist and percussionist in live performances and on new recording releases by “Robert McGuire and Brothers”.


Dale Yates began playing drums at the age of five and demonstrated a sense of rhythm. He was inspired by his uncle who as a regular performed playing as upright bass fiddle on the "Grand Ole Opry” stage and television shows.

In his home town of Claremore, Oklahoma, Dale began playing bass guitar when he was eight years of age. While in a little gospel church where he played music with his family he saw a steel guitar for the first time and fell in love with its sound. Dale bought his first pedal steel guitar at age fifteen and began his musical journey to become a truly professional performer.

Dale was invited to play his bass guitar at the Outpost. He was encouraged to bring the steel guitar and begin playing at the church. Invitations soon came to play other venues with various gospel singing groups.  As his talent developed so did the opportunities to play in studio sessions.

Upon graduating Claremore High School in 1977, Dale was hired as the steel guitar player for "The Telestials" a gospel music group based in Nashville, Tennessee. He toured and played on studio recordings with the group. Dales’ father became ill and his dad's health issues prompted Dale to return home before the end of that same year.

Dale was offered and accepted a full scholarship to the "Hank Thompson School of Country Music" on the campus of Claremore Junior College. Because of his family heritage in country music he was very familiar with the style. While there he met and began playing in a country music band with members of the alumni. That band eventually became the performing band playing behind country music legend Reba McIntire.

Through the years Dale has played on numerous recordings for various artists, performed on a variety of family country music shows, and played countless church services and gospel concerts. Dale has been on stage at most Outpost reunions whether on tours or solo engagements.

You can hear Dale playing the rich tones of the pedal steel guitar on the sound track of Before the Dogwoods Bloom in Georgia and is seen with the band in the video. Dale can also be heard playing Steel Guitar on most of the "Love, Joy and Peace" CD and recordings yet to be released by the band.

Dale passed away on Thursday, August 14, 2014 at the age of 55. His family, friends and all of his fellow band members miss the gentle spirit that Dale always carried. His music and wonderful memories live on within our hearts. Until we see you again Dale...

Pam entered the world of music as a pianist and vocalist at an early age. She studied and played throughout her years of elementary and higher education before completing and receiving her degree, a Bachelor of Music Education from Oklahoma State University.  There she also taught music before she became a music teacher, for fifteen years, at Northern Oklahoma College. Pam’s professional career covers a wide area of musical performance and instruction, the classical fields of vocal, piano, organ keyboard instruments. She has directed various compositions of choirs, vocal and instrumental ensembles. She is the respected coach of a host of professional musicians and vocalist in classical, popular and country music.

Pamela Haines McNeal

                                                                                                             Pam’s travels have included performances in Romania and many European countries representing the United States with “Friendship Ambassadors”. She has performed for the Tennessee Legislature, a number of Governors of the State of Oklahoma and has performed on numerous television appearances. Pam also recorded her own gospel album, singing and playing.

Pam and husband Joe have shared many years of ministry as Directors of Music Ministries
in several Oklahoma churches, forming choirs, ensembles, instrumental bands, orchestras and praise and worship teams.  They have directed several special Easter and Christmas programs.

Pam’s musical abilities have allowed her the opportunity to record numerous audio albums with the “Roustabouts” of Northern Oklahoma College and to perform with a many gospel vocal and instrumental groups. She toured for a time with “Everlasting Joy”, “Free At Last” and in 2002 became one of the founding members of the New Song Band now known as New Song Outpost.

Pam is a sought after, well trained  and experienced professional talent. Her unique voice and outstanding keyboard skills make Pam a strong edition to and supportive personality in the overall ministry of  New Song Outpost. She is currently active in the bands public appearances and may be heard playing a variety of keyboard styles on the original tunes of the up and coming  New Song Outpost recording releases.

Pamela, a former Ponca City, Tonkawa and most recent Tulsa, Oklahoma resident passed away December 13, 2015 at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa. She was 72 years of age. We will miss the talented gifting God placed in Pamela's hands as she so loved to tickle the ivories. Until we see you again... 

Roger Pelts

Roger Pelts is a native Oklahoman born in Northeastern Oklahoma graduating Pryor High School in Pryor, Oklahoma. In his early teens his high tenor voice and love of the guitar blended into a growing musical talent. In the 1970’s he moved into Claremore, Oklahoma to attend the Rogers State University where he studied business and enrolled in the “Hank Thompson School of Country Music. It was there he met other musicians including future members of Outpost.

Jam sessions were a favorite pastime. Roger joined the jams playing rhythm and lead guitars. He soon joined a local church worship group and was instrumental in the re-opening of The Outpost, a former night club facility. There a variety of family musical entertainment was offered in addition to the worship services.

Since 1974, Roger has been one of the original five members of Outpost. In addition, he has played with numerous headlining bands and participated on war-front musical tours to play for troops enlisted in various branches of the United States armed forces, and has played on European Tours before the troops. When not on the road, Roger participates in the playing of worship music in the local church where his family attends.

Roger has been committed the ministry of the Outpost’s efforts to reach hurting people with good news music. Since its’ inception he has played more performance dates than any other single member of either Outpost or New Song Band. He continues, with the merger of New Song Outpost, to be a personable vocalist and guitarist both on stage and in the studio.

Roger is heard playing rhythm guitar on the soundtrack of "Before the Dogwoods Bloom in Georgia".

Roger was born on November 4, 1949 and passed away on Sunday, December 25, 2016. Roger was a Tulsa, Oklahoma resident and will be missed not only for his musical talents but his genuine passion for worship. Until we see you again Roger...

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