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The five sons of Cornelius and Mabel McGuire began their adventures in gospel music singing in conventions and churches across Oklahoma. Robert Neal, Jack David, Jerry Dale and twins, Ronald and Donald we’re busy singing gospel music and were known as the McGuire Brothers.

In the beginning, Reverend Cornelius McGuire, their father, played guitar for the brothers. Of the brothers, first Robert played guitar. Donnie became the pianist. Jack David became the double bass player. Ronald picked up the accordion. Jerry played the steel guitar. 


The brothers began to leave the group in the late 60s. Robert went to the West Coast ministering in pulpit evangelism. Jack David joined the Marines. Jerry and Donnie in their early years became professional musicians working with various groups out of Nashville Tennessee. The brothers continued to get together on rare occasions which consisted mostly of large family celebrations. After Cornelius and Mabel‘s 70th Wedding Anniversary in 2009, the brothers began singing together on numerous occasions.


Since 1975, Robert has performed with the group of musicians known as "The Outpost".  Since 2001 Robert has worked with a group known as "New Song" and has been instrumental in merging the two groups to perform together since 2004.


And now, three of the original McGuire brothers, Robert, David and Ron sing with Joe McNeal. Joe is one of the original members of the New Song Band.  The current and past musicians are introduced to you in other posts on this site. 

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